Victorious Sponge

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My current motto is "Done is better than good". In the past I used to agonise about getting things finished and sit around with loads of half baked cakes in a sludgy cakey mess. Anyone who used to spend any time near me would notice. When I volunteered at a Buddhist Centre in 2019 my nickname was "Half Job Laura". It hurt because it was true! Now I am Laura Lamn The Great Finisher.

What jobs have you half started that would give you great satisfaction to finish?When you finish one thing then you have time and head space to complete the next thing!
When you finish one thing you work through all the sticky cake mess and emerge like a beautiful and victorious victoria sponge.
When you finish one thing you complete the cycle...from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to the miraculous butterfly.

Talking of metamorphosis, this song is about just that. Here's a little story...

"A young boy came across a butterfly cocoon and brought it into his house. He watched, over the course of hours, as the butterfly struggled to break free from its confinement. It managed to create a small hole in the cocoon, but its body was too large to emerge. It tired and became still.

Wanting to help the butterfly, the boy snipped a slit in the cocoon with a pair of scissors. But the butterfly was small, weak, and its wings crumpled. The boy expected the insect to take flight, but instead it could only drag its undeveloped body along the ground. It was incapable of flying.

The boy, in his eagerness to help the butterfly, stunted its development. What he did not know was that the butterfly needed to go through the process of struggling against the cocoon to gain strength and fill its wings with blood."
Excerpt from :

Sometime the moral of this story is that "the struggle makes you stronger" But the lesson I take from it right now, is that there is a right time. One must honour the process and let it take place softly and gently. Enjoy my new song inspired by this...

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