An Anthology of Art and Music - May 2023


📀 9 Track EP, recorded, produced and mixed by Laura Lamn
📘 with accompanying 48 page Art Zine


 In the EP you will find:

+ 9 songs inspired by local nature, slow life and my imagination
+ Created using vocal improv techniques, self recorded in my home studio, produced and mixed using Ableton
+ BONUS Song “New Dawn” (which will never get publicly released)

In my 48 Page Art and Lyric Zine you will find :
+ 40 Artworks - A collection of ink drawings, paintings, photographs and sketches
+ Lyrics for all the songs
+ Song stories - Find out the inspiration and meaning behind the songs

Here's a little video of me showing you the zine...

 A flavour of the music...

Got Questions? Email hello@lauralamn.com

What’s the difference between an EP and an album?
There’s no rule about what makes what. But I am calling this project an EP as it’s about 20mins of music, where as an album is normally 40mins or so.

What does the new EP sound like?
Uplifting and simple! I have layered up vocal harmonies inspired by the songs I sing at my weekly women’s singing group. Inspiring lyrics and catchy hooks 🎶