Harmony Singing


Thank you for your interest in learning more about Harmony Singing from me :-) Scroll down to find out where you can learn my songs online and in person and how to purchase a Song License.

Skillshare Class - Learn 3 Harmony Songs of increasing difficulty - Intuitive Harmony : Singing in Harmony Easily and Naturally

Album 3 - Learn 10 Harmony songs on my new album, when you buy the Music Makers Pack

Find out about in person events in Kent

Song Licences : A Digital Honesty Box
I am happy that my songs are starting to travel around the world, and be sung by different groups. It is touching to see videos of people singing my songs!

I have a new policy about teaching my songs, if you are going to teach them at a commercial event (for example at your Singing Mamas group) then you need to make sure you have a song licence.

If you have bought the Song Book, or “Music Makers” pack of an album/EP, you are very welcome to teach the song. If not, please make sure you purchase a license. If you have any questions please email me hello@lauralamn.com

Suggested Licence Price for Group Size
One Song - Singing Group 10 or Under : £5
One Song - Singing Group 20 or Under : £10
One Song - Singing Group 30 or Under : £15
One Song - Singing Group 30 or Over : £20
One Song - Singing Group 50 or Over : £30

Please also consider the frequency of which you sing the song, for example if the song is a regular favourite, you might consider buying a larger licence, or making a repeat purchase. Get your Song Licence HERE



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