More Like Me - Album 3

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There are 4 CDs and 3 Songbooks left. Links to buy here:
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Here you can buy a digital download of the songs, the songbook and learn how to sing the songs in 3 part harmony.

In the Songbook you will find…
- Sheet Music and guitar tabs
- Stories & Song Lyrics - Find out the inspiration behind the song and sing along to lyrics
- Photos and Art - Photographs of our process and artwork inspired by the album

Would you like to learn/hear all the separate harmony parts?
Learn how to sing all the songs on the album in 3-part harmony!
In the Music Maker Pack you will receive Songteach Audio where I break down each harmony part of all 10 songs


Not interested in downloads or CDs or songbooks? But want to say GO LAURA! Then make a gift towards the album