3 Projects + 3 Values

This month I received an email reply from  one of my email subscribers called Margaret saying “I’ve lost track of what you are doing?!” And it made me think…

My email newsletter has been running for 10 years. I started it to keep in touch with everyone about my creative projects. My email newsletter is read by friends I’ve met on all kinds of adventures and in all stages of life. From school friends to mum friends, from circle friends to virtual YouTube friends and everything in between. Thank you to all of my lovely friends who are interested in reading my updates ❤️

Anyway, since I started my email newsletter a lot has changed. 10 years ago I used to be selling portrait paintings and making hip hop music, and then I was performing hula hoop dance at events and festivals and then I was losing and finding my mind exploring entheogenic plants and then I was volunteering at a Buddhist centre, and in between there was lots more, but what about now?! I’ve written a bullet point list below of my 3 projects and my 3 values. Because 3 is the magic number! 

Also, if you’d like to read my June updates I’ve got a new blog up with everything that’s happened this month. Read here 

3 PROJECTS - the 3 main projects I’m currently working on

Writing and Recording Music - I’ve been writing and recording music for 10 years. I released my first album LOVE ALWAYS WINS in 2019 and my second album Come Home in 2021. More recently I have formed a female vocal trio and we are working on an album. I write so many songs that I can’t fit them all on my next album, so I have also built the LLLibrary which is a growing collection of my music, lyrics and song teaches (34 minutes of music so far!). It’s also a place where you can support my work (a bit like Patreon). I've opened up the Library for all to enjoy, listen to my latest songs HERE

Teaching on Skillshare - I’ve always been passionate about teaching and so happy to have become a teacher on Skillshare. Skillshare is a community built subscription service, a bit like Netflix, but for learning creative skills. I’ve created 3 classes on there so far; Natural Singing, DIY Album and Hand Sewing. They are video classes so you can watch on demand at any time. There are also thousands of classes from other creators. Find out more here

Singing Mamas - I teach Singing Mamas classes locally. The name of the group is a bit misleading as it’s not just for mums. We are a womens well-being singing group who get together to sing in harmony for calm and joy. I teach on Mondays in Tonbridge and have a Thursday class starting in Hadlow soon Find out more here

3 VALUES - 3 values that drive me

👪 Community - Being connected to others is a keystone in our happiness. I love growing and nurturing community. I love getting to know new people and forming strong bonds. 

🎨 Creativity - We all need to create and relish beautiful things. Cooking, writing, photography, painting, sewing, singing, music, home interiors, fashion, dance we all have our thing! And we all NEED our thing. 

⭕ Ceremony - As a culture, we have lost ritual and ceremony and they bring meaning to our lives. I’m bringing it back! Daily, weekly, seasonally. I have the daily ritual of drinking my coffee in the morning. Weekly my Singing Mamas class is a ritual, the songs refresh and inspire me. Seasonally I work with the Wheel of the Year and follow and celebrate the natural cycles. 

So that’s me right now ☺️

Thanks for reading :-)
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