Nature is Stirring - Imbolc 2022

Have you noticed that nature is starting to stir?
The daffodil bulbs are poking up their shoots, the snow drops are flowering and the fluffy buds appear on the trees. We can breathe a sigh of relief that spring is on it’s way.

Just as nature starts to awaken, we too stir from our winter slumber. We can start to bring our dreams and visions that we cultivated over the darkness of the colder months and breathe them into life.

The best changes happen slowly, little by little.

“Nature does not rush yet everything is accomplished” Lao Tzu

Here is a list of 10 things to do, to nudge your life towards more peace and ease.

1. Keep a journal and write in it every day - Record your thoughts and ideas. When you have a problem write a question and then answer back. Free-write with no plan and just get out whatever is on your mind.

2. Start a slow hobby - There are some hobbies that you just can’t rush (trust me, I’ve tried!) Sewing, crochet, gardening, baking sourdough bread are a few that come to mind.

3. Have a spa night at home once a week - Light a candle, give yourself a head massage, have a bath. Luxury and indulgence doesn’t have to be expensive! I love this Indian head massage video.

4. Make the most of your morning drink - Are you a coffee drinker or do you prefer a lemon water or tea? I’m a coffee girl! As you drink it, take a moment to be thankful. I think about where the beans come from, all the people who worked hard to make this drink possible. I say a big thank you to Mother Nature for creating coffee beans (she’s the finest artist I know!) Running water, a kettle, my sofa, my warm room, the list goes on. I also take a moment to think about how I want to be for the day and set an intention.

5. Get rid of some stuff - Sell it on eBay, or take it to the charity shop. Here’s a tip that’s helped me with clearing stuff…Ask yourself these three questions...
1. Would I buy this item now?
2. Have I used it in the last 90 days, do I plan to use it in the next 90 days?
3. Is this item associated with my fantasy self? eg. My fantasy self is a multi instrumentalist, but the truth is I can only play the guitar at a basic level. So, out went the ukulele, the tabla drum and the didgeridoo that sat in my hall gathering dust.

6. Sing every day - In the shower, in the car, drinking your morning coffee. Singing calms the nervous system and lifts the spirits. If you “can’t sing” check out my free online class.

7. Track something that is causing you stress - If you feel stressed about money start a spreadsheet where you write down everything you spend (every time you get your card out/shop online/go to the corner shop write it down) and write down everything that comes in. “What gets measured, gets improved"

8. Take a walk out in nature every day and pay attention to the trees - Try to identify them. If you are finding it hard then take a picture of the leaf and search it on Yandex. Or Google “Tree identification” and have fun working it out yourself.

9. Make things smell nice - Burn things at home; candles, incense, smudging bundles. My current favourite is burning Scots pine needles, absolutely divine! Wear essential oils. Spritz some perfume on your favourite jumper. Relish in it.

10. Take a topic you are fascinated with and start to study - I’ve been enjoying studying on Skillshare, it’s like the Netflix of creativity and learning! I’ve been taking their Stoicism class. Give it a try for 30 days for free (ps. My Singing class is on Skillshare too. I’m excited about it as a platform, as it really supports students and teachers)

What little adjustments are you going to make for 2022?
Big hug

This is my little "Spring is coming" offering that is currently living in my studio

Thanks for reading :-)
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Beautiful and inspiring newsletter Laura. Spring is my absolute favourite time of year and I am really starting to feel that I am waking up again from a rather grumpy disturbed time that was the “festive” season. I love the suggestions for being more mindful of what we are bringing with us into this next refreshing and rejuvenating season. Xx

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