May : In Review - Radiate

When May arrived I made this beautiful sun cake to celebrate with my Singing Mamas. It's an Italian orange cake and the decoration is marzipan.

I've been learning how to be more efficient with my time. Taking full time care of a baby, is as it says in the title...full-time. Luckily I have a supportive partner and family who generously share the care of our Bobby, so that I can take some time to get on with my work. I am grateful for this every day, and it is a luxury that not everyone gets, so I want to make the most of it. So, this month I have continued to work with dedication.



I have been amazed that we had lots of new pupils get involved with my current classes...158 students and 5,018 minutes of classes watched since we launched in January! Thanks for taking part :-) If you'd like to learn sewing, singing or DIY album production from me, sign up for free HERE.
ps. Skillshare is like the Netflix of creativity, and as well as my classes there's a wide selection of creative classes on offer, including watercolour, photography, procreate and more. It's £10 per month in the UK for thousands of classes, payable annually. Find out more...


BOOK - I've been listening to "Women's Work" by Elizabeth Wayland Barber on Audible, which teaches the history of the past 20,000 years of women's work. I'm most interested in learning the textile history. A lovely bed time listen.
PODCAST - Quite a few people have recommended the book "Braiding Sweetgrass" to me. I am yet to read it, but really enjoyed this interview with the author.


This month I hand sewed a matching skirt and trousers set for me and B out of a gorgeous heavy red wine linen. I am working on a tutorial on how to make the gathered skirt for Skillshare, which will be ready next month :-)

Florence and The Machine's new album is out and has been getting a lot of spin time from me! Do you like it?

I went on a journey to Heron, and drew this drawing after. The main message was that, when you radiate your best it invites others to do the same. I love making beautiful things and shining, so that those around me shine too.

ps. If you're thinking..."what do you mean you went on a 'journey to heron'?!?" I regularly practice drum journeying as a way to explore realms of imagination. This means I listen to a drum track and use techniques to explore my consciousness. It's an active form of meditation, and very useful for introspection and relieving stress.


Hope you’ve all had a lovely May
Big Hug

Thanks for reading :-)
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What a beautiful drawings and hand sewed clothes.. they’re so inspiring and authentic🙏🏽
Your sharing reminded my heart to keep following my dreams and live in tune with myself💜

Thank you,
Have a lovely day☀️


Hi Laura,

It’s lovely to see the dedication you are making in your life 🙏❤️🙏❤️👏

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