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As some of you may already know, I am a student and devotee of the rhythms of nature. I practice this by following the Wheel of The Year. The Wheel is a way of travelling through the year with more intention and connection. Every 6 weeks is marked by a festival which helps you attune to the time of year and the wisdom within the changes happening around us. Lammas festival falls at the very end of July/beginning of August and is half-way between the warmth of Summer Solstice and the slow descent of Autumn Equinox. During this time of year the berries are starting to bring colour to the bushes and trees with their round juicy fruits. The days are starting to get shorter. This festival is a time to stop and take stock of what we have achieved this year, and what we are grateful for. I marked this occasion with some time in nature and reflection time. As well as feeling pleased with a lovely summer so far, I noticed that my phone habits had started to take a down turn. I had become a bit compulsive with my phone, checking social media too much, and losing my focus. I re-read this blog post "Anti-Social Media" I wrote a year ago and put some boundaries in place, and asked a friend to hold me accountable. 

What are the fruits you have harvested so far this year?
What are you grateful for?
Where do you need some course correction?

Now for July in Review and some updates...

This month is the month of special anniversaries for me. I made a post all about them READ HERE. 10 years hula hoop dancing, 3 years since my debut album came out and more...Read the anniversaries blog

First, the most exciting news...

I've got my first show booked since 2019! Come and see Laura Lamn and The Garden Voices at the stunning Pilsdon Chapel in West Malling on the 20th August! TICKETS HERE




I'm still enjoying counting all the new students I've had on Skillshare...234 students and 8,011 minutes of classes watched since we launched in January! Thanks for taking part :-) If you'd like to learn sewing, singing or DIY album production from me, sign up for free HERE.

This month I uploaded a new class teaching how to make a gathered skirt by hand!

ps. Skillshare is like the Netflix of creativity, and as well as my classes there's a wide selection of creative classes on offer, including watercolour, photography, procreate and more. It's £10 per month in the UK for thousands of classes, payable annually. Find out more...


I made my first commissioned bridesmaid dress! It meant so much to me to make Willow's dress for her mother's wedding. The dress, like all my work, was totally hand-sewn and featured gathered sleeves and a big bow! Thank you for this amazing opportunity Emily. More photos coming soon...

photo credit : Peach Portman

Me and B wore our matching Red Wine Linen outfit to Emily's beautiful wedding. Here's a picture of us on our way to the party.

I have become totally obsessed with Bobby McFerrin and am listening to his whole back catalogue. This is his classic song Don't Worry I recommend doing a deep dive into his other work! 

Psychodruidry - This interview combines two of my great interests... druidry and the healing power of psychedelics
Bobsession - Carrying on with my obsession with Bobby McFerrin I loved this interview
What's the point? - Love this talk by Nitin Sawhney about the point of music

Hope you’ve all had a lovely July
Big Hug

Thanks for reading :-)
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