Fill Up Your Cup

Welcome to my January letter (last month I dropped the word "news", I write letters from heart to heart, no big news here)

The winter lingers on here in the UK. Since November we've had countless lurgies; from tummy bugs to colds, and I can't wait for the warmer weather. I take some solace in the fact that we've been through the darkest, with Winter Solstice behind us (the shortest day of the year on December 21st). It's now just a couple of weeks until we reach "Imbolc" which is the Celtic Festival of awakening. If the Wheel of the Year was a 24 hour day, Imbolc would be in the early hours of the morning. It's still dark and cold, but something is stirring.

If you feel a bit tired, demotivated, and unfocussed at this time of year, that's OK. As the warmth and growth of spring appears it will give you a boost. This is the time of year to maintain a slow and steady pace and to fill up your cup.

How do you like to fill up your cup?
My favourite ways are studying (reading, podcasts, videos), being creative and eating well. Here's some suggestions for filling up your cup, which will offer you some much needed inspiration at this time of year.

Habits / Routine - Tim Ferris + James Clear
The Creative Act - Tim Ferris + Rick Rubin
Parenting - The Emotionally Mature Parent

I'm part way through The Presence Process, and I'm amazed at how simple yet powerful the exercises are. The promise of this book is..."Not to feel better, but to get better at feeling".
After listening to all the podcasts about Rick Rubin's new book I will be most certainly getting a copy. His book is all about creative genius, and how to bring more of it into your life.

Since deleting social media and email from my phone, I've needed to find other things to do with my hands (ps. I haven't deleted them totally, I just access from my laptop, which adds friction to going on there)

I made playdough from scratch and me, Rob, Grandad and Baby B have enjoyed making different creations. Here is a family portrait me and Bobby made together. I made all the parts and then Bobby assembled them...

I just loved this! So then I used it as a starting point for a drawing...

Here's an inspiring short documentary about the sacred art of Clowning.

I've been home-making my own bone broth, which has so many health benefits. I don't like the taste so much, so I hide it in soups and curries. I'm also been getting more probiotics in my diet with kombucha, biomel and yoghurt. I also love making a superfood hot chocolate with cacao paste, mushroom powder, and plenty of vanilla, cinnamon and chilli powder.

How do you fill up your cup?
Can you recommend me any podcasts or books?

Laura and The Bobbys

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Thanks for reading :-)
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