Mother's Sanctuary / Women's Circle

Mother's Sanctuary - Breathing, Rest and Reflection Circle for Mum's
A space to process and be with whatever is going on in our lives

* PAUSED FOR NOW * This group has been paused for the moment. If you'd like to be added to the list for when they return please email

Where? Golden Green Village Hall TN11 0AB (plenty of free parking nearby)

Come and join us for 90 minutes of rest and reflection. This class is like a mini retreat, some precious uninterrupted time for you!
Amongst our busy lives it can be hard to quiet our mind and tune into our inner guidance...In this 75 minute class we will use breathing techniques, meditation, singing, journaling and sharing to calm our nervous system and bring clarity to our mind and heart.
Please bring a pen and journal/notebook
Hot drinks and a sweet treat provided

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 "Thank you so much for creating such a safe space for me to be so vulnerable in  this morning. Didn't realise how much connecting to myself and other women would impact me but it was amazing to be able to let myself go and not be judged but rather supported and loved. I feel much lighter just from being able to voice things to other women who understand the pressures of motherhood!"

What Is a Women’s Circle?
"Something spiritual and joyful happens when women intentionally gather. Women have been coming together in circles since the beginning of time. Indeed, it is a primal urge to gather and connect with other women.

These gatherings are sometimes referred to as red tents or moon lodges. Historically, women gathered during a new moon or full moon to celebrate the divine feminine. They recognized the connection between menstrual cycles and lunar cycles. Indeed, rather than being a curse, menstruation represents death and rebirth.

During these ancient gatherings, women of all ages circled the light and warmth of a fire. It was a time to share meals, tell stories, learn healing traditions, celebrate life events, and honor the ancestors." Quote from Keep It Tight Sisters


About Your Teacher
Laura Lamn is a singer, artist, writer, teacher and seamstress living, working and mothering in the Garden of England.  During the last fifteen years she has studied and trained  under the guidance of many different spiritual disciplines and teachers with the aim of fully understanding happiness, connection and community. Inspired by Buddhism, Taoism, Shamanism and other religious and non-religious practices she has developed her own programme that she loves to share with others.