March : In Review - Spring Equinox and More...

Spring Equinox, otherwise known as Ostara, is a festival which falls in March and marks the return of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere (this year was 20 Mar 2022). Spring Equinox is exactly half way between Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice. This means we are out of the dark half of the year, and from now on the light and the warmth will increase! Music to my ears :-) We had a few really sunny days this month, so I was out in the garden making the most of it.

Spring Equinox is associated with the element of air; imagination, ideas, breath and song. We can start to breathe life into our summer dreams. 

All Winter I have held quiet dreams of recording and releasing music, and wondering what shape it will take. I have spent the last month squeezing in little moments in my home music studio, and I'm excited to let you know that there will be new music coming soon. NB. This music won't be released in the usual way on Spotify etc, I'm creating a more intimate way of releasing...excited to tell you more in the next few weeks.

I launched a new class on Skillshare last month. We've now had over 1,000 minutes of lessons watched, and 33 pupils have taken my classes. Thanks to everyone who has taken part in class so far :-) If you'd like to learn Natural Singing or take my DIY Album class you can sign up for free HERE.

In March my favourite teachers to listen to were Mark Manson, Sahdguru and Amanita Dreamer. If you haven't heard of them...
Mark Manson wrote "The Subtle Art of not giving a F***" - I was initially a bit put off his work because of his book title haha! But I have read the book and love it. He talks a lot about connecting to your values. He uploads interesting videos regularly. Here's a video about coping with problems.
Sahdguru is a funny and inspiring Indian teacher. As Spring Equinox is all about finding balance, I watched a few videos of his on this topic. Here's one about working hard vs working happy.
Amanita Dreamer works with Fly Agaric Mushrooms. She made this video about how she imagined our ancestors worked ceremonially. I have loved learning about the history and medical benefits of this mushroom.

This month I shared a 3 part harmony song I wrote on Instagram. Writing my review has shown me I haven't shared as many songs recently on Instagram, so next month I'll endeavour to share more.

Working on a new matching outfit, which I aim to be finished next month.

Last Month I was mostly listening to Mountain Man. This is my favourite song of theirs "Guilt".  I also watched the "Songhunter" documentary about Alan Lomax. It's £1.50 to watch on Vimeo and is well worth it!

I drew this doodle, what does it say about what's going on in the world and in my mind?

Hope you’ve all had a lovely March.
Big Hug

Thanks for reading :-)
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