How I’m changing - Becoming Slow , Frugal and Present

Over the last few months I've made a few tiny changes which have made a huge impact on my daily life and how I feel. Here they are...

I’ve stopped checking social media frequently throughout the day
In the early days after baby Bobby arrived I said to my partner “I’m thinking in social media posts” A strange voice in my head would write descriptions of what I was doing, ready to post on Instagram. Sometimes the description was to achieve admiration from others, sometimes pity. Turns out I’m not the only one. Watch this video about “How craving attention makes you less creative”  and also this video about The Science behind why you should delete social media. I deleted the apps from my phone. I still sometimes find Social Media useful, but it's on my terms and I'm in control. I am no longer a Zuckerberg Suckerberg Slave!

I feel happy with my lot, and have stopped wanting so much (stuff and achievements)
I have just finished “The Art of Frugal Hedonism” which confirmed what I intuitively knew to be true…less is more. Post Covid with a new born baby our finances took a serious shake up. Despite being things being tight cash wise, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I have in the past been ashamed of my thrifty behaviour eg. shopping in charity shops, favouring long walks over joining a gym and ordering tap water at restaurants. But now I feel proud about these choices because I see that they give me freedom**Spending less means you need to earn less means you need to work less, so more free time**

I am becoming intrinsically motivated
I have spent most of my adult life chasing achievements and accolades. Some of them I’m really proud of; like my Guiness World Record (you can watch here - spot me front right with a roll fringe!) and my recent UK Folk Chart Success (I got to Number 16 in the Official Charts!) But the truth is those achievements made not one jot of difference to my happiness. With my recent chart success; I spent hours and hours slogging over admin, marketing and social media. I felt stressed out and obsessed. And then I achieved it. I posted about it on social media, and then went on with my day. Now I’m starting to find intrinsic motivation to do things. I love leading my Women's singing circles because I feel the energy change in the room, and everyone’s shoulders a little lighter when they leave. I love sewing my little toys, and bringing sweet beings into creation. Neither of these things will win me any prizes. The prize is in the doing.

I’m capable of being loving and being present
Because my previous mindset was so future focussed “How can I get more/do more” I was rarely in the present. Today I tasted my delicious coffee, ambled around in nature with my beloved Bobbys and had a refreshing shower. And I was actually there for each moment. Because I spent so many years checking out the building, it’s still a work in progress. My partner lovingly points out to me if I start to vacantly stare, knowing that I’m lost in the past or in the future.

BONUS CHANGE - I’ve fallen even more in love with Ram Dass
I’ve probably sent you videos about him before. It was the 50th anniversary of his book “Be Here Now” last month. I tuned into the livestream celebration and felt his loving presence. I find myself repeating his mantra. I am loving awareness. I am loving awareness. I am loving awareness. Loving awareness. Loving awareness. Loving awareness. I recommend reading “Be Here Now” and watching his lectures on YouTube.Watch the livestream replay here 

What changes have you made recently? Scroll down for some of my recent creativity...

Here's a recent outdoor nature mandala I made. When I make nature offerings like these I have time for reflection, and set my intentions as I make the work.

Here's Alpert Rabbit. I made him whilst I listened to the 7 hour livestream! If you'd like to learn to make him I have the pattern for sale in my etsy shop. Get yours here


Obie Pearl

Beautiful read and on the same journey aren’t we blessed eh?

Transformation highlights for me are the same but had a different way of discovering:

- Reading Digital Minimalism book + trying actions like reducing liking something to doing an action like call a friend has been a game changer to get off these cestpit apps.
- Joined a entrepreneur support group with people like me who have lost their business and other challenges during the Pandmic and we discuss a wide range of topics and problems facing. I realised my social profile was becoming ego centric and addictive again (patterns) so an honest open conversation with advice helped. It’s easy to go back to what we know right!
- Also seeking help for all areas of life for mind and soul.
- Aside from Frugal living debt management with a charity called step change has been a life saver – real money management support as opposed to just doing manifestation. No yea not being afraid to ask for help and speaking up about needs has been a change as well as setting boundaries with myself and others.
- I would over think things and spend time sitting and pondering now in journal every day and it’s my therapy tool plus more.
- Pushing my comfort zone whilst changing to create a sustainable life and earn living true to my values.
- Currently on a lovely creative project called the school of unkowning – description says it all!
- Defo doing things for the experience and community over winning a certificate.
- Meditation and breath work is part of healing as well as other holistic experiences enjoy doing from cooking own meals, sharing to going out on long walks. Also feel a lot more creative living frugal life over easy / junk culture options – becoming grounded
- I love being part of garden community and feel blessed to meet so many interesting souls.
- My previous mindset was focused on plans for the future but now I base goals around how I want to feel.
- I’m enjoying moments there’s a great book for kids but I think all ages called 100 things you can do outside and love the activists suggested from making art to spotting leaves falling. I like spotting things to make dry flower arrangements with and foraging!
- I love living local and feeling really connected to community through a range of doing actions.
- Enjoy being a peace keeper not a gossiper. Trying not to judge, compare etc and other unhealthy habits.
- Feel very connected to inner creativity and aiming to go more with the flow recognising gratitude daily.
- Enjoy listening to hypno music and listening/ reading to other ancestral wisdom like Ayurvedic lifestyle.
- In general feel blessed to live and able to notice more and feel it – but also balance it with sometimes tuning out the noise. Living in harmony.
- Lastly I have been able to manage and work with my chronic disease rather than against and I feel like I’m in remission mostly, healing is all trial and error and not giving up on HOPE.

Call me Optimistic Obie 💞💞💞💞


This sounds so positive, Laura. Intrinsic motivation and being present are surely the keys to happiness.. and may even bring success and achievements as a side benefit! :)

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