February : In Review

February is my birthday month. Historically I got a bit blue in February, because it feels like the winter is never going to end! With my new understanding of the wheel of the year I have instead decided to focus on where I can see little signs of Spring. On my nature walks I’ve already spotted crocuses and daffodils and I’ve also noticed the birds singing more in the morning. I’ve used this quiet month to focus on my creativity and my little baby. Here’s what I’ve been up to...

I completed my new class on Skillshare; DIY ALBUM - Dream, Plan & Make Your Independent Music. This 2 hour class covers everything I’ve learnt about recording and releasing music from my 10 years in the music industry! It took me 2 months to complete, and I’m so thrilled to share all this knowledge with you. You can take this class by signing up for a free trial of Skillshare HERE. (Skillshare is like the Netflix of Creativity. You get 30 days free to take my class and anything else you like, and then it's £10 per month billed annually)

I’ve been singing every day, and slowly working on learning and writing more songs with harmony. This month I shared a few little ditties on Instagram; including a song about Metta Bhavana, which is a buddhist practice to bring peace and kindness into our hearts and a song inspired by Imbolc (Celtic Fire Festival).

I shared a poem on Instagram about Vanity. Watch Here. If you didn’t know already I’m obsessed with rhythm and rhyme and get totally lost in it.

I finished making a matching orange outfit for me and B! Featuring a smocked neckline on my dress, and an embroidered mushroom on B’s dungarees. Read more about the techniques used and see more photos here.

smock dress and baby

I’ve currently been exploring the Alan Lomax Archive. It’s so rich and inspiring. This week I’ve been listening to Singing in the Streets : Scottish Children Songs. The songs are so sweet and endearing.

This month I've been learning about dopamine addiction. This explains why we all get so addicted to our phones! I found this Youtube video very enlightening. 

Hope you’ve all had a lovely February.
Big Hug

Thanks for reading :-)
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