Achieving Balance - October 2023

This piece of prose was inspired by Autumn Equinox and thinking about balance at this time of year.


Listening to the wind rustling through the trees.

The gentle breeze knocking autumnal leaves off their branches.

Yellow and orange leaves fall to the ground. Landing on top of last years dry and brown crunchy leaves. Which in turn rest upon the rich soil from the leaves from the year before and before and before.

Making a rich home for mosses and lichens, insects, rabbits, squirrels, birds and all the creatures living in and around the woodland.

A warm and earthy scent. Cool, damp and quiet. A safe place to rest, to escape from the noise.

Chirping and buzzing.

Cawing and tweeting.

The tree grows in the summer. Leaves and branches reaching towards the sun.


In the autumn, drawing in and dropping leaves. Finding strength and centre at this new shape and height.

I too, have reached a little higher. I look a little different. Cracks in the bark. Arms stretched wider to welcome and hold; new friends and old friends, new knowledge and old wisdom. Now is the time to draw in and drop. Breathe a sigh of relief.

There is a time for growth and time to pause, rest and strengthen.

There is a time to reach for the new and a time to settle into familiarity, comfort and ease.

In order to achieve balance, make time for inner work, and soul nurturing.

Make promises, honour commitments.

I become what I do.

So, what do I choose to do?


Attached photo is of a mini offering I made to the tree which I sat under whilst I wrote this

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