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The better life. Not the easy life.

By October 27, 2016Thoughts

ThebetterlifeI want the better life. Not the easy life.
I didn’t come here for the humdrum.

The better life. Not the easy life.

The better life calls you to sacrifice. It asks you to take what you most care about and throw it into the fire. The better life says “If you give me everything. I will give you everything.”

The better life calls you to change. You can’t stay still. The better life says “Stop trying to be a tree. You are the river. Move. Let go.”

The better life tastes both sides. The bitter taste of rejection the sweet taste of love. Tears and laughter. Pain and pleasure. The better life says “You can’t have one without the other.”

The better life walks you towards your greatest fear. It makes you face your demons. The better life says “Look closely at what you are most afraid of. Become friends with the dark side.”

The better life is the mad life. People who live the easy life say “She must be crazy” “What is she doing?” “Where is she going?” The better life doesn’t make much sense.

The better life calls for action. There is never a right time. There is only now. The better life says “What are you waiting for?”

The better life calls for a better love. The better life says “I love you, but you will never be ‘mine’. The reason I love you is because you are wild and free.”

The better life does it for the sake of it. Everything is pointless. Everything is futile. The better life says “One day soon I will lay you down in your grave, so do what you want to do.”

The better life won’t come to you. It will meet you in the middle. The better life says “I am here. Waiting for you on the borderline. Are you coming?”

The better life is brimming with passion. It keeps you awake at night with magical ideas. It wakes you up in the morning with glimmering hope. The better life says “Tend to the fire inside. Burn bright. You are the sun.”

The better life is a game. The better life asks you to come and play. Don’t take it too seriously. The better life says “This is all one big joke. Shall we laugh at it together?”

The better life lives for love. It chases it, dances with it, celebrates it. How long will the love stay? Maybe it will be gone tomorrow. The better life says “Stop telling stories. Live this love now.”

The better life feels. The easy life thinks. The better life asks you to dive into sensation. The easy life wants to numb out. The better life says “Be in your body. There are things you need to feel.”

The better life welcomes all the visitors. The better life says “Hello pain. Hello sadness. Hello heartbreak. Why are you here today? What did you come to teach me?”

The better life listens to the heart. The easy life listens to the head. The soul whispers at night. The mind screams in the morning. The better life says “Go within. Turn your ears towards your centre.”

The better life is on the edge. It is uncomfortable. It takes you to unchartered territories. The better life says “Here. Right here. This is the sweet spot where you will grow.”

The better life. Not the easy life.
You came for the better life.
Don’t live the easy life.

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