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10 Things to do on a Bad Day

By September 7, 2015Thoughts

10 things to do on a bad day

Today I woke up feeling not so hot. Now I can spot a bad mood coming from 5 miles away and I have strategies to get myself back in the game. Here’s what I did today to feel better. If you are having a bad day I hope they help you…

1. TALK TO SOMEONE– At breakfast Dad could tell something was up. I told him that I wasn’t on top form. He proceeded to give me a pep talk, which really helped. Call someone, talk to someone and let them in.

2. REMIND YOURSELF OF WHAT’S GOOD– I have written down nice things that have seen said/done for me in the last little while. When I feel like no one cares I read it to remind myself that people DO care about me.

3. GET ON WITH THINGS– When I’m having a bad day part of me wants to get back in bed. The best remedy is to tackle the To Do list. Start with the easiest, quickest thing. And let yourself build momentum.

4. WATCH SOMETHING INSPIRATIONAL– I love Ted talks and frequent Youtube regularly. Today I watched a video by Brene Brown called ‘Why your critics aren’t the ones who count’ Highly recommended

5. EAT HEALTHILY– When I feel sad I want to consume sugar for the little buzz it will give me. BUT what goes up must come down and sugar is the WORST, for giving you unstable blood sugar and making your mood fluctuate even more. If you are looking for some comfort, make yourself a nice herbal tea. Or one of my favourite snacks is medjool dates stuffed with peanut butter. Yum.

6. DANCE– Put on a TUNE and dance around your living room in the most dorky way possible. I LOVE doing this. My two favourite inspirational tracks right now are ‘Walk into the Sun’ by Maverick Sabre and ‘28,000 days’ by Alicia Keys

7. TALK NICELY– Notice what kind of thoughts you are having, especially about yourself and question them. When you make harsh, critical statements about yourself, pause for a second and ask ‘Is this true?’. We wouldn’t dare speak to our friends the way we speak to ourselves sometimes, so make a choice to be kind.

8. GET DRESSED– Go on, have a shower and get dressed! Put your favourite outfit on. Put on some make up. Today I decided to wear my favourite red jumpsuit and it immediately cheered my up. Orange and yellow are happy colours so if you have any of them in your wardrobe put em on.

9. CLEAN & TIDY– Messy house/Messy mind. If you have let it slip lately give the room you are spending today in a quick once over. Tidy your desk, do the washing up, hoover, neaten up the place. It all helps.

10. NO SOCIAL MEDIA– I compulsively scroll on social media, especially when I’m tired. DON’T let yourself do that today. If you are going to go on Facebook, set a timer on your phone that goes off in 3 minutes, so you don’t waste time numbing your mind. Delete social media apps from your phone so they are not so easy to get to.

Hope these help you today!
What do YOU do on a bad day?
Lots of Love

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