Portal Painting Project

The Portal painting Project is a fun art project I am doing…

🌈 During times like these we need to anchor ourself back to the truth we have discovered on our life journeys.

🎨 To stay focused and uplifted I am making little portal paintings. I am crafting small and simple symbols and mantras into tiny artworks.

☁️ Can I paint your mantra? I want to make a little painting of what brings you back to joy.

💝 I will send you a free digital copy and if you like it, you can (with no obligation) buy the physical copy, before it goes in my online shop.

To take part, just answer these four questions…
email to : hello@lauralamn.com

  1. What important truth do you need to remember during this crisis?
  2. What’s your mantra/affirmation/favourite quote right now?
  3. What one word brings you back to your centre?
  4. Do you have a favourite animal/icon/symbol which you feel connected to?