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#1 Interview with Kevin Simpson, former manager of Jamiroquai

By August 25, 2016PODCAST

Kevin Simpson has worked in various roles in the music industry- label owner, music publisher, club promoter and manager. He managed Jamiroquai for 10 years and now manages a roster of artists. His record label signed Sia’s first album which included a top single in the UK back in the early 2000s.

“A lesson I learnt really early on is to admit when you don’t know something and then go and find out.”
“Philosophy behind management for me is: To create a safe environment where the artist can create”
“Stay true to yourself but at the same time don’t be completely inflexible. Experiment. Try stuff. Be prepared for some stuff to work and some stuff not to work.”
“The important thing is to do. To be a doer.”
“Everything passes. Good times pass. Bad times pass. Nothing is permanent.”
“It’s good to be good. You can get on by being nice.”

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