Women's Retreats

Women's Morning Retreat - Singing + Deep Rest - The Whispering Heart
9am-12pm Shipborne Village Hall, Upper Green Rd, Shipbourne, Tonbridge TN11 9PL

Upcoming dates : Sunday 28th July, Sunday 22nd September, Sunday 3rd November

Our next 3 events fall in line with the Wheel of Year. Together we will mark and celebrate Lammas, Mabon and Samhain. You can sign up for 1 retreat on it's own, or to make a commitment to your own personal growth you can sign up for all 3.

Commit to all 3 retreats - £80https://buy.stripe.com/00gaGiagl6sZ7F63dz

9am-12pm Sunday 28th July - Lammas
Price : £35 : https://buy.stripe.com/7sI15I3RX3gNgbCaFT
Early bird price (before 31st May) - £28 : https://buy.stripe.com/fZe6q22NT18F7F615k

9am-12pm  Sunday 22nd September - Mabon
Price : £35 : https://buy.stripe.com/5kA4hU3RX9Fb5wY8xQ
Early bird price (before 31st Aug) - £28 : https://buy.stripe.com/dR6dSu2NTdVrf7yaFX

9am-12pm  Sunday 3rd November - Samhain
Price : £35 : https://buy.stripe.com/cN201E1JPcRn9Ne01m
Early bird price (before 31st Sep) - £28 : https://buy.stripe.com/bIY5lYfAF7x32kMcO7

You are invited to spend the morning with fellow women to reset your nervous system and experience deep rest with Singing and Yoga Nidra. In our day to day lives, it is hard to find space to be with your feelings and listen to your heart. This is time and space for YOU to fill up your cup.

In this half day retreat we will learn and sing some simple and uplifting harmony songs, take time for reflection and looking into our inner world, and close with Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is an ancient yogic technique, where you learn to relax consciously.

Tea and Sweet Treat Provided
Free Parking next to venue

What do I need to bring?
A yoga mat or similar to lie on
A blanket and pillow (for extra comfort in Yoga Nidra)
Journal and Pen

About Your Teacher
Hello I'm Laura Lamn and I am a folk artist and community builder. I run weekly "Singing Mamas" classes and love writing and recording songs. I have devoted myself to studying different spiritual practices to create well-being in my own and others lives. I recently qualified as a Yoga Nidra Teacher and I have been amazed by it's powerful impact.


Please email any questions to hello@lauralamn.com

Do I need to be singer?
We welcome non-singers, beginners, shy singers or professionals. The singing is for joy and connection :-)

Will I have to sit on the floor?
No we will have chairs, you can choose what is more comfortable. For the Yoga Nidra it is best to lie down.

Bursary places are available at a reduced cost if you receive benefits (low income, disability, pension credit), live on student grants and loans,are aged 18-28 years, are a full-time carer, or if you would not be able to participate in this retreat without bursary assistance. Email hello@lauralamn.com