Rain Falls Retreat Preparation

Listen to  this short audio HOW TO PREPARE (6 minutes) to learn about what to expect. This retreat was originally created to take place live on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday but now the retreat is Evergreen, which means you can take it on any days you want, maybe even with a break inbetween days.

Each day of the retreat a new email will be sent to you with all the content for that retreat day including;
🧡 Meditation - Take a moment to settle
🎶 Vocal Warm Up - Warm up your voice
👩‍👩‍👧 Song Teach - Listen and Learn the Song in 3 part harmony
🌌 4D Listening Experience - Enjoy the song in spatial audio, so it's like you are sat in circle with us
📖 Journalling Exercise - Take a moment to reflect on the themes of the song with a short journalling exercise.

I recommend taking part in all the activities on each day of the retreat, but you are also welcome to just dip into what interests you each day.

So you know what to expect, here's how long it will take to enjoy each day of the retreat....

Day 1 // Like a Tree - 40 minutes
Day 2 // Choose joy - 30 minutes
Day 3 // Rain Falls - 40 minutes

Email me with any questions