Rain Falls Retreat - Day 2

Have you completed Day 1? If not you can catch up HERE

Day 2 // Choose Joy
30 Minutes

1. Go to glow meditation and about the song (6 minutes)

🧡 2. Vocal Warm Up - Breathe and sound, warm up your voice (6 minutes)

🎶 3. Sing / Learn the Song in 3 Part Harmony - scroll down for video time stamps and lyrics (8 minutes)

🎧 4. Listen in 4D - Enjoy Washing Dishes in Spatial Audio (3 minutes) Headphones recommended

📖 5. Reflection and Journalling Time - Journalling exercise using themes of the song (7 minutes)

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Journalling Question - List all the things/people/places which drain my joy? Do I need to change the thing or my attitude to thing?