In my experience there are two ways I encounter anxiety.
1.    I wake up very anxious
2.    Something in the day triggers me into anxiety
Anxiety manifests itself as a physical feeling in my body and usually a stream of agitated and worried thoughts. Both need to be addressed separately

What to do with the feeling?
Firstly I think it’s useful to observe and note the feelings. This is what it feels like for me…
Tension and weight on my chest and heart, racing heart, burning pain that spreads down to my hands, knotted stomach, clenched jaw, tension in my head and neck, headache, very angry and agitated
This “anxiety” is a negative energy signature that I have experienced many times and I can’t fight it, but there are certain practices I can do to transform it.
Things I do when I wake up with anxiety:
1.    Osho Kundalini Meditation – this meditation involves a lot of shaking which literally shakes the anxiety out of my body. Watch the instructional video, search “Osho Kundalini Meditation” on iTunes or Spotify to practice at home
2.    Trauma Release Exercises – trauma is stored in our Soas muscle and if we agitate it, it stimulates our body to shake which releases trauma. Watch a video on TRE
3.    Go on a vigorous walk- as we walk left right left right, we also move left right left right in our brain, which helps us process our feelings. I like to intermittently sprint to really get things moving
4.    Dance – I put my favourite happy playlist on and GO FOR IT! This is my current favourite dance TUNE
5.    Wim Hof Breathing – this instructional video guides you how to do it
6.    Masturbate – sometimes anxiety is a manifestation of pent up sexual energy. Orgasm is a great release to move energy in the body.
7.    Tidy and Clean – If our space has got messy and dirty this can subtly affect our energy and creativity. I make my cleaning into a workout. Put on some party tunes and clean like you mean it.

And now the more emotional side – what can we do with our stressed out thoughts and emotions?

  1.    Self compassion – put your hands on your heart or give yourself a hug and talk to yourself as if you were your best friend or someone who really loves you. So often we are so nasty to ourselves and speak to ourselves in a way that we would NEVER dream of speaking to our friends. Say to yourself “Honey I love you. You are going to feel better so soon. I’m sorry you aren’t feeling great. I’m here with you”
    2.    Get Real – sometimes our anxiety manifests because there is a problem we aren’t dealing with. Avoidance doesn’t work. We need to face our demons and our problems with courage and grace. Make a three column list. On the left Write a list of everything that is currently stressing you out. In the middle column ask “can I do something about this problem?” Just write yes or no. Then in the third column – expand. If it’s a no, then write “I hand this problem over to God/Universe/Source and I trust the solution will be reached and the problem solved. My job is to stay in Faith” If the answer is Yes and you can do something, write down some practical things you can do, then look in your diary and schedule it in. Action will make you feel better.
  3.    Thank your Anxiety – “Dear Anxiety, I know that you are here to protect me and to invigorate me. I lovingly let you go. I understand you want to tell me something. I am listening and will act in love and faith to make the changes that need to be made”
    4.    Train your brain – There are many ways of training your brain so that you have more awareness and control over your thought processes. The untrained mind is like a crazy monkey or a wild child that wants to create chaos. I have found meditation and yoga to be extremely effective for creating a calm mind. I do at least an hour every morning. I recommend Gaia for online yoga and meditation classes. Tara Brach has some beautiful meditations on her website.

Sometimes we will get triggered into anxious state in public, and this is a bit harder to deal with. Here’s how I deal with it.
1.    If I’m with a friend who understands I will be honest with them. “I’m feeling really anxious, I’m sure it will pass, but sorry if I don’t seem present” Just sharing it lightens the load
2.    I go to the loo and do Wim Hof breathing
3.    I focus my energy on a part of my body that isn’t hurting (because when I am anxious it usually manifests itself as pain) for me my favourite place to go is my feet. I breathe into my feet.
4.    Connect with the Earth- wherever you are sat or standing, feel your connection to earth. Imagine roots growing out of your feet and that you are connected to the core of the earth

I hope you find my thoughts useful.
How do you manage your anxiety?

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